4th International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Health, Culture and the Human Body // 08-09 September 2016

Welcome to the 4th International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Health, Culture and the Human Body. For the 2016 conference, we have chosen to focus on issues around migration and health, particularly in the light of the ongoing migration of large numbers of refugees from Syria and other countries. Our conference aims to provide a platform for joint discussion and reflection of a range of topics around the health of migrant populations, and as one of the conference organizers I look forward to a stimulating discussion of ideas and research results that help us to better understand the current situation.

We are convinced that Bremen is an excellent place for such a conference – the city has a large migrant population and takes care of thousands of recent refugees, with much active support from its citizens. Research on migration has a long tradition in Bremen, and with Bremerhaven as one of Germany´s maritime gateways to the world, international perspectives are just as normal as the warm welcome we extend to our visitors.

Looking forward to seeing you in September 2016

Hajo Zeeb, for the organizing team

Tilman Brand, Dr. Sc. (Leibniz -Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology – BIPS, Bremen, Germany)
Ms Prof Michi Knecht, University Bremen
Ìlhan Ìlkiliç MD, PhD (Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey)
Hakan Ertin MD, PhD (Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey)
Rainer Brömer PhD (Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey)

News and Topical Information


Dear prospective conference guests,

there is topical information we would like to communicate:

  • Presentations will have to be Power Point, please prepare for a talk of appr. 15 mins.
  • Please submit your PP presentations as soon as possible, although there is no fixed deadline.
  • The program has been updated, please take a look
  • Registration will be open until Aug 15th, 2016. Details for payment will be disclosed to registrants as soon as their registration has been processed
  • Information about forthcoming special issue of the journal "Bioethics" - Call for Papers
  • One keynote speech titled "The Role of Public Health in Addressing Migration Issues in Europe: Reflections from Calais" will be delivered by Dr. Arshard Isakjee and Dr. Surindar Dhesi, University of Birmingham/ UK
  • Another keynote speech about ethical issues of migration will be delivered by Prof. Ilhan Ilkilic, Istanbul University/ Turkey
  • There will be greeting remarks by Mrs Prof Eva Quante-Brandt, Senator of Science, Health, and Consumer Protection and Mr Mehmet Günay, Consul General of Turkey
  • The social program includes a reception by the Honorary Consul of Turkey in Bremen, Mrs Yasemin Patrizia Vierkötter with the Turkish General Consul in attendance. It will be held in the Havanna Lounge, Börsenhof A, Am Dom, Bremen, which is located within walking distance to the congress venue. There will be finger food and drinks. (www.havannalounge.de/der-club/)

Please check in again for more current information.

Download Preliminary Program as PDF


A large number of refugees have arrived in Turkey and in Western Europe, notably in Germany. Although many refugees started off in good health, hardships and insecurity make health issues an immediate and important concern not only for the refugees themselves, but also for the societies where the refugee populations arrive. The Bremen conference aims to explore the current challenges for health sciences and the health care sector associated with this new development, and to provide a space for reflection on existing and historical health science knowledge that may be useful for an understanding of today´s challenges, and for action. This current theme is embedded in the broader conference topics of ‘migration and health’ and ‘culture and ethics’ and explicitly welcomes interdisciplinary perspectives such as from medical anthropology and ethnology.

Turkey and Germany have long been linked by a substantial joint migration history, as they had been earlier through medical scientific exchanges and common clinical practice. Three earlier conferences under the theme of “Health, Culture and the Human Body” (Mainz 2010, Istanbul 2012, 2014) provided a dynamic platform for an international interdisciplinary discourse on medical interventions, organ transplantation as well as on palliative care and on the topic of migration and health. The “trademark” of these congresses was the joint deliberation on ethical, historical and epidemiological perspectives.

The conference organizers invite abstract submission focused on, but not limited to the topics:

  • Current status of refugee health in European countries including Turkey
  • Ethical challenges in health care provisions for newly arriving migrants
  • Seriously ill migrants and refugees – ethical and practical aspects
  • “Giving a voice to refugees” – health topics from the perspective of those concerned
  • Theoretical concepts and research approaches to refugee and migrant health
  • Learning from history – flight, migration, expulsion and the health sciences in Turkey and Germany
  • Travel Medicine – Historical, ethical and epidemiological aspects
  • Migration and Health – the broader context
  • Culture and Medical Ethics / Bioethics

Venue: Haus der Wissenschaft, Bremen. www.hausderwissenschaft.de


Hajo Zeeb, MD, MSc, PhD (Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology – BIPS, Bremen, Germany)

Tilman Brand, Dr. Sc. (Leibniz -Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology – BIPS, Bremen, Germany)

Ìlhan Ìlkiliç MD, PhD (Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey)

Hakan Ertin MD, PhD (Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey)

Rainer Brömer PhD (Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey)


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Venue Location

Congress Venue - House of Science Bremen

The House of Science is a non-profit organisation designed to establish understanding and appreciation towards science in the broader community in and around Bremen. Thirteen bodies support the House of Science – as well financially as scientifically.

The House of Science is aiming to promote and expand cooperation between different actors within society and science. It offers exhibitions, lectures, talks, discussions and more.

Science gives impetus to structural change, to the modernisation and economic development of Bremen and it plays a key role in European integration. The House of Science situated in Bremen’s city center is a visible messenger of the prominent role science takes on.

The ensemble of buildings forming the House of Science dates back to the mid-18th century and is located in the direct vicinity of the Bremen Cathedral.


Haus der Wissenschaft, Sandstraße 4/5, 28195 Bremen
Phone: +49 421 218 695-00, Fax: +49 421 218 69505
info(at)hausderwissenschaft.de, www.hausderwissenschaft.de


Please use the registration form

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Deadline for registration TBA.
The number of participants is limited. Registration is obligatory and completed upon receipt of payment. Conference fee is 50 EUR.

In case you cannot attend please give notice in time. If you cannot avoid cancellation there will be a processing charge (15 EUR).
Cancellations within ten days before the congress will be charged 50% of the congress fee.
Cancellations within three days before the congress will be charged the full congress fee.

Accommodation has to be organized by the participants.


Edda Hein
Phone +49 421 218 56900
Fax      +49 421 218 56941
E-Mail hein(at)leibniz-bips.de